About CalSAL

The California Senior Advocates League - California's Senior Voice for All Generations.

Who We Are

The California Senior Advocates League was organized in 2004 when the state faced record budget deficits and a nearly dysfunctional legislature. The founders of CALSAL believed then, and the current Board believes now, that there is a need for an organization that fosters collaboration between policy makers to promote policies for a sound and prosperous economy, as well as meeting the educational, housing, energy, health, and transportation needs of California’s diverse citizenry. In fact, we believe a sound and prosperous economy is essential for families, communities and the government that serves them.

The California Senior Advocates League has three primary goals. The first is to promote and protect the well being of mature Californians, their families, and their communities. Second, to actively engage common-sense policy-makers and support legislation and ballot initiatives that will advance the economic strength of our great state. And third, engage seniors who share these perspectives.

What We Do

– CALSAL provides a balanced perspective on the challenging issues facing older persons and others concerned about the issues facing our state.

– CALSAL advocates for the policies, issues and initiatives that will make California stronger for all generations.

– CALSAL shares information about issues, initiatives, legislation and regulation that impact seniors and the overall vitality of California.

– CALSAL informs and educates seniors and other constituencies on critical issues that impact the future of our state.

Board Members

John Kehoe

Among founding board member Kehoe’s many accomplishments are serving as Governor Reagan’s Director of the California Department of Consumer Affairs. He also served many years as the Executive Director of the California Commission on Aging. Mr. Kehoe earned a Masters degree in Political Science form Georgetown and a Ph.D. in Humane Letters from Golden Gate University.


Fred Hildebrand

Mr. Hildebrand is a lawyer by profession with an emphasis in general business and taxation. He is a political activist by avocation have served as statewide Volunteer Director for multiple Presidential campaigns, statewide campaigns as well as Congressional and Legislative races. For the last 20 years. He holds a BS and JD degree from the U. of Wisconsin as well as a B.A in Business, and an M.A. in Communication Studies from CSU-Sacramento.


Doris Luna 

Ms. Luna spent her career as a pediatric oncology nurse. She has witnessed first hand the tremendous strides in cancer care over the years, and the many challenges for families caring for a child with cancer and the institutions that serve them. Ms. Luna is a graduate of San Jose City College. She is passionate about children, health, and golf.

CalSAL Founders

Malcolm Tucker

Malcolm Tucker is a retired REALTOR® and Republican political activist. He is the former state coordinator of AARP VOTE, the voter education program of AARP. Currently Malcolm lives in Lincoln Hills.


Carol Ann Wiley

Ms. Wiley is an active financial advisor and has been active in Democratic electoral politics for more than 50 years. She served for many years as the director of the Retired Senior Volunteer Program for the city of Lincoln, Nebraska. She lives in San Diego.


Dave Howard

For more than 40 years Dave Howard shaped the field of community-based human services. He served as executive director of the National Resource Center for Rural Aging at the University of Missouri – Kansas City; director of the Eastern Nebraska Commission on Aging; Chief of Staff of the General Subjects Committee of the Nebraska Legislature; director of the Eastern Nebraska Office of Community Mental Health, the Eastern Nebraska Community Office of Mental Retardation, and the Eastern Nebraska Office on Aging. In the field of community based aging, Mr. Howard was the founding executive director of the Mid Missouri Regional Council on Aging (1973), which was designated as the Central Missouri Area Agency on Aging in 1974 where he was also executive director.

Dave Howard died in July 2012. A memorial prize in his name has been established at the University of California Institute of Government Studies. Link: https://igs.berkeley.edu/student-programs/david-m-howard-memorial-prize

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